A Surprise From Samantha Akkineni!

Thu Jul 12 2018 22:00:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whenever heroines are in the top league and enjoying stardom, they will be paid remuneration for the openings of new clothing showrooms.. malls.  Though heroines spend very less time on brand endorsements and launching the showrooms, they will get huge remuneration based on their range and their stardom.

Samantha is undoubtedly one of the top league heroines of South.  She is already endorsing several brands. She has recently stunned everybody by attending the launch of a small cafe.  Everybody got surprised to see Samantha in the launch because she is a top league heroine and they were not expecting a top heroine like Sam at all.  Then why did Sam attend the opening?

Sam is not always after money.   She is basically a fun loving person and jovial.  She thought that it would be fun to attend the opening of a cafe so, she followed her mind.  That's it.  There is no complex logic in her attendance. That's what makes Sam special. Isn't it?