Is this reason behind NTR hugging his fan?

Wed Sep 13 2017 13:15:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Fans in Tollywood extremely love their favorite hero. Their love is unconditional and limitless. Not only the fans but also the actors value their fans admiration and tolerate even if they cross their limits. Because the heroes know that their stardom is all because of the fans. However, Nandamuri Balayya is different and doesn't belong to this category. He recently slapped a fan for crossing the limits. Directors like Puri support heroes like him claiming that he hits with love and Balayya covers the situation stating that his fans love to get hit by him.  

On the other side, Young Tiger NTR is different from his uncle and tolerates his fans acts with love. Recently in the promotional event of Jai Lava Kusa, a fan broke out from the crowd and kissed NTR. Shocked NTR didn't hurt the fan but hugged him, talked to him and made him happy. Rumors are coming out that this act of NTR has a much deeper meaning. It is a known fact that from Bala Krishna to NTR, there are lakhs of Nandamuri die-hard fans. Rumors are stating that NTR is trying to be a nice guy to impress his fans. Netizens are commenting that NTR did that only to portray that Balayya will slap, but NTR will hug. However, only NTR can say if the rumors are true or not.