Is Renu Making A Comeback?

Mon Jul 23 2018 14:42:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Renu Desai has been in the news lately for being rude to Pawan Kalyan and sharing some personal details in public.

She got engaged recently to an unknown person for her second marriage. She said that she will reveal the identity of the person, after marriage.

Now, the gossip mongers are saying that Renu is looking to make a re-entry into Telugu films. She did start her career as an actress and did only two movies, Badri and Johnny.

Both the movies were with Pawan Kalyan. She did not act in any other movies and even though got opportunities post her divorce, she wanted to become a producer.

Right now, she is getting even better offers and the actress is thinking about making a comeback it seems. She quit from social media after latest outrage from Pawan Kalyan fans but she wants to really prove her acting skills, it seems.

Well, many gossips like these make their presence felt all the time, we can only confirm them, once anything gets concrete and officially.