Renu Desai Superb Comments On Power Star Pawan Kalyan Energy

Not even 10 Percent of PK's Energy: Renu Desai

Thu Oct 12 2017 18:12:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan divorced Renu Desai almost 4-5 years ago and he has moved on. But, Renu Desai wasn't able to be like that and she never wastes any opportunity to speak about her ex-hubby.

Since few days, Renu Desai is acting as a Judge for Dance-based show 'Neethone Dance' aired on MAA TV. A Dancer performed for a song in 'Badri' along with his team during the show. The Former Actress stunned everybody with her comments after watching the performance.

Renu Desai: 'Not even 10 percent of Pawan Kalyan's energy could I see in you. Aayana Style Veru...!'.

In the process of praising her Ex, Renu Desai has discouraged the participant very much. Instead, She could have preferred encouraging the Dancers to put up a much better show.