Richa Is Taking Tips For Shakeela Biopic

Fri Jun 22 2018 18:17:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Biopics fever has gripped all the film industries. Irrespective of the language, filmmakers are exploring the lives of film celebrities and sportspersons to make a biopic.  Kannada filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh is planning to make the biopic of actress Shakeela who is known for her erotic films in Malayalam.  There was a time when top Malayalam stars were worried to release their films in competition to Shakeela's films.

Bollywood beauty Richa Chaddha is stepping into the shoes of Shakeela as per the latest update.  Richa is taking the character seriously.  She has recently met  Shakeela and she got thrilled to know her interesting flashback as they are filled with a lot of challenges.  Richa feels that it is important to tell the stories of people like Shakeela along with stories of people like MS Dhoni.  She felt that "There is a lot of drama and cinematic appeal in Shakeela's life. It is the right time for her biopic."

On the other hand, director Indrajit Lankesh is saying that he will try to bring the rise and fall story of Shakeela on to the silver screen in an interesting way.  He is planning to make it a Kannada-Hindi bilingual.  It is interesting to see how the director is going to present Shakeela life on the silver screen.