Is Ruhani Next Sai Pallavi?

Fri Jul 13 2018 11:12:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whether everybody agrees or not, heroines in the majority of the Telugu films are showcased like glamour dolls.  Though there are exceptions, one can't expect a heroine without beautiful looks to become a star heroine.  Surprisingly, there are several heroes with average to below-average looks.

In such a scenario, showing a heroine with pimples is a risky task. Though Sai Pallavi was shown with pimples in Malayalam 'Premam' nobody criticised her.   Director Sekhar Kammula has done the same feat by showing her naturally in 'Fida' without covering her pimples with makeup.  The movie has not only become a blockbuster but Sai Pallavi achieved huge recognition.   Surprisingly, other filmmakers are also continuing the trend now.

Sushanth's latest film 'Chi La Sow' trailer is out recently and it has received a good response.  The striking aspect of the trailer is heroine Ruhani Sharma who appeared with pimples just like Sai Pallavi.  It is interesting to see new generation filmmakers are giving importance to naturality and talent rather than just glamour.

The latest buzz suggests that Ruhani Sharma has already got an offer in Nithiin's upcoming film.