Ilayaraja issues warning! How SP Balu reacts?

Sun Mar 19 2017 13:56:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Maestro Ilayaraja served Legal Notices to legendary singer SP Balasubramanyam asking him not to perform his songs at public events without his consent. Even few other popular singers received similar notices from the Composer.

Interestingly, SP Balasubramanyam was served legal notices when he was in US with his music troupe (which include Singers Chitra & Charan) for the SPB50 Concert Tour. Ilayaraja warns Balu that he is liable to pay huge penalty and face legal action if he performs his compositions without his permission.

SP Balu: 'I am ignorant of these legalities. I had done lot of shows in the past but Ilayaraja never said anything against it. I don't know why he objects now when we started the US Tour. If the copyrights law is like that, I obey it. By God's grace, I have sung lots of songs composed by other Musicians. So, We will be performing only those from now. Hope you all will bless our concerts as usual'.

The Singer appealed people not to have any harsh opinions and discussions regarding this matter. He claims to be obeying it with reverence if this is the design of God.