Is Karthikeya a "bad omen"?

Thu Sep 14 2017 13:31:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

We, Indians believe mostly in sentiments. If something works out well enough we support it to the fullest and if something doesn't, we try to avoid doing it even if it is the most natural one. Just like, if someone sneezes before we going out, we scold them and look to start after another 5 to 10 minutes as that is a bad omen. In Industry, these kind of sentiments and blind beliefs are too many. If someone is talented enough but they turn out to be part of major disasters in a row, more than judging on their talent they are labelled as an iron leg or iron tongue due to the result of the film at the box office.

Similarly, several Industry insiders are commenting that SS Karthikeya, son of SS Rajamouli is proving to be a bad omen for Akkinenis at the box office. While, SS Rajamouli has taken his son under his wings for Baahubali as the second unit director, his association devoid of his family members with his close friends like Akhil and his elder brother Naga Chaitanya seems to be highly unfruitful.

He worked as the social media promoter and publicity designer for Akhil's debut, Akhil. Recently, he worked as line producer for Naga Chaitanya's Yuddham Sharanam. Both ended up being disasters. In Yuddham Sharanam, his involvement is beyond just giving some creative ideas as per the sources and also, he got involved in direction too as per the cast and crew admission during the interviews. As this talk is spreading like wild-fire, Karthikeya needs to prove himself individually, now! Will protective family members and SS Rajamouli let him do that? We have to wait and see!