'Saakshyam' Failure's Impact On Bellamkonda's Next

Fri Aug 10 2018 15:48:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Usually, the producers invest money in a film based on the market of the hero or the popularity of a director. But, this doesn't seem to be true in the case of Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas as the producers are investing fortunes despite his low market. It has been a long time since Bellamkonda debuted into the industry but is yet to score a decent hit. But the producers of his latest movie 'Saakshyam' ignored this fact.

They invested a massive 42 crores (including promotional costs) in the film. Now, the movie is receiving negative responses and is recorded as the biggest disaster. Also, as Sriwasss is not that big of a director, the audience ignored the film. Though Bellamkonda has a project in his hand right now, the failure of 'Saakshyam' resulted in the cost-cutting of the budget of his upcoming movie. His upcoming movie with a debutant director under Vamsadhara Creations was supposed to a high-budget movie but the budget got reduced by 30% because of 'Saakshyam'.