Inttelligent Seems To Bring More Losses!

Mon Feb 12 2018 16:03:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Normally, geniuses have to be trusted with some money hoping that they turn the investment into a huge business opportunity. They could even lose that money but we should be prepared.

But this movie, Inttelligent is more done as a safe bet for the cast and crew involved. VV Vinayak trusts that minimum entertaining commercial movies will not fail at the box office.

Contradicting his belief, Inttelligent seems to be going towards becoming the biggest disaster for Sai Dharam Tej after Rey and Thikka.

Once, Sai Dharam Tej started accepting scripts that mostly are pure commercial entertainers, she lost his base and Inttelligent seems to be his worst drop.

The movie did not even collect 2.5 crores share on the opening day while, Winner released at the same time, last year got 5 crores share.

The market damage of the actor is too huge and he needs, bunch of good films to follow to recover the trust of masses. The movie may fail to even secure 25% return on investment as it needs to collect 27 crores to become a hit.

With Tholiprema taking the top position, Inttelligent seems to have no chance of surviving for second weekend.