Weak buzz for Saidharam's Tej I Love You

Mon Jul 02 2018 18:38:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's just four days to go for Saidharam's 'Tej I Love You', but the buzz seems to be missing. Though the Sunday pre-release function at Bhimavaram in West Godavari was a huge success with huge attendance, that alone cannot see the film through. The crowds will come even for small films like RX 100. Huge attendance at the pre-release is no guarantee for grand openings.

Strangely, the promotions for the film are low key and Teju himself is not showing the much-required josh. He has not yet met the media houses to promote the film. He has chosen to attend only formal programmes so far. The enthusiasm shown at the time of Intelligent is missing now.

These weak promotions might prove to be minuses for Tej I Love You. Teju has five disasters on trot and the success of this film is a life and death issue for him. But, even Mega fans remain unenthused. Tej I love You and Pantham are releasing in a gap of just one day. So, Teju must buck up to get good openings.

Is Teju listening?