Will Salman be Shri Krishna for Aamir?

Thu May 17 2018 22:00:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mahabharatam is announced to be dream project of several filmmakers in India. The major interest creators have been the announcements from Aamir Khan and SS Rajamouli.

While, SS Rajamouli said he needs another ten years to see that the technical advancement is possible, to bring the kind of visuals, he is planning to produce.

On the hand, Aamir Khan is eager to start production in 2019 and he is in talks with Chinese and Hollywood production houses to make three to four series of films in next 10 years.

The script work for the films is going on and the recent news is that Salman Khan has been approached to play, Shri Krishna's role in the film.

Well, this news made many social media enthusiasts to show off their creativity in trolling the idea.

A cartoonist even drew a cartoon, with Aamir as Arjun asking Krishna, who is Salman Khan, to not drive and pleading him to take rest.

Keeping the trolls aside not many think Salman Khan will make for good Krishna rather, they believe he suits for Duryodhan and Bheem, characters more.