Chill Guys! They Are Not Sam Wedding Outfits

Sat Sep 23 2017 15:45:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

South Beauty Samantha is not just any other star heroine but she is going to be the daughter-in-law of Akkineni family.   There are only a few days left for Samantha-Chaitu marriage.  In such a situation, there is criticism on Samantha's wedding outfits.

It is known that Samantha has recently done a photo shoot for bridal wear.  She appeared glamorous in the photo shoots.  It is not new for Sam to do this kind of glamorous photo shoots but she posted a comment that praising the designer that she has chosen the same designer for her wedding dresses.  Some netizens misunderstood the comment and started criticising Samantha that how could she wear this kind of cleavage-flaunting dresses in the wedding. They suggested sam should wear traditional dresses.

Samantha just tried the bridal designs, she is not wearing the same dresses in her wedding.  The netizens who are trying to criticise her have to first understand what she said before passing comments on her.