If Shruthi wields sword then Samantha takes to 'Karra Samu'!

Thu Apr 20 2017 13:23:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is interesting to see actresses fight with one another to establish their supremacy and the south Indian leading ladies, Samantha and Shruthi seem to have been fighting an unofficial cold war between them. Few days ago, Shruthi's images of her training for Sword fights for her big Tamil movie, Chitrangada, have surfaced on the internet and many thought the actress has got back into shape after Katamarayudu disaster. The actress said to have taken extra care over her food intake to ensure her fitness levels to not decrease and not let her self grow again.

The Tamil movie, Chitrangada is said to be the answer for Telugu Bahubali with a budget of 350 crores directed by Sundar C, the director of Arunachalam and Satyame Sivam. Recently, he made horror comedies, Aranmanai and Aranmanai 2 that released as Chandrakala and Kalavati in Telugu, respectively with Hansika Motwani as the ghost. Now, with Shruthi making her move, Samantha doesn't want to be left behind and she released a video featuring her 'Karra Samu' expertise at a Gym workout session.

Well, when Samantha got an award at the popular award function as Best actress, immediately Shruthi's PR team released a press note saying she had been the most successful actress with continuous hits under her belt. And now with both the heroines trying to show off their skills with swords and 'karra samu', one feels like they have indeed came out for an open war with all ammunition in place. Samantha is practing this ancient Indian martial art form for her Tamil movie, Kalambam!