Sanjana Anne About Casting Couch In Bigg Boss

Sat Aug 18 2018 16:08:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Casting Couch has been an interesting topic every where. Every time an actress responds on it, the news is going viral on the internet. Recently, the celebrity who faced the question about casting couch is Sanjana Anne.

Sanjana Anne shot up to fame with Bigg Boss season 2 hosted by Nani. She was in the Bigg Boss House for just 1 week and got evicted. But, she is gaining popularity with the interviews. Recently, an interviewer asked about the casting couch in the show. Sanjana stated that there is no casting couch in Bigg Boss.

After getting evicted, Sanjana made some shocking comments on Nani that NTR did a great job in hosting than Nani and compared Nani to Android whereas NTR is I Phone. However, Nani hasn't took the comments seriously.