#MeToo: Director Forced Me To Kiss For Days!

Mon Oct 22 2018 09:39:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sanjjanaa made her debut as an actress 12-Years-Ago with the Kannada flick 'Ganda Hendathi' which is a remake of Bollywood hit 'Murder'.

Claiming that the ongoing #MeToo Campaign motivated her to talk about the harassment she faced during the making of her debut movie, Sanjjanaa revealed: 'Initially, I was told by the Director that there will be only one lip-lock sequence. After 3 days of shoot, He informed Me that kissing scene will be shot for few more days. When I told him that the kissing scene was over, He yelled at Me saying - You are telling a Director what's over being a debutante. I was threatened, harassed and forced to do the lip lock scenes for few more days. Upon watching the movie, People assumed I did those intimate scenes as I wanted them. Nobody knows the actual truth'.  

Interestingly, Sanjjanaa still defends Film Industry as it gives a chance for individuals to earn fame and be independent. She conveys bad people exist in every Industry not just in the glamour field and many Filmmakers offer opportunities only based on the talent.