She Posted Sara Khan's Nude Video!

Wed Jun 13 2018 11:51:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Technology is a two-edged sword.  If we use it properly, it is very helpful to us.  The same technology can land us in trouble if we are not alert.  We may land in troubles accidentally sometimes.  The same thing happened TV actress Sara Khan.

Sara Khan became popular with the Bigg Boss Hindi reality show.  She recently gave a shock to the Instagram viewers.  Her nude bathtub video was posted in the Instagram. Her sister Arya Khan not only picturised the video.. but she posted it on Instagram stories.  Though the video has been deleted within a few minutes.. it has been downloaded by users and gone viral in the social media.  

We all know that netizens will be alert when it comes to this kind of videos.  What is more interesting is that Arya Khan didn't stop after posting her sister's nude video but she has shared her nude pics as well. While responding to the incident, Sara Khan said that they are presently holidaying in Sri Lanka.. when they are enjoying their time, her sister got drunk and she has mistakenly posted the video. She is saying that technology creates troubles sometimes!