It's Savitri's Biggest Mistake In Her Life: Sr.Tamil Actor

Thu May 24 2018 22:11:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Mahanati' (Nadigaiyar Thilagam in Tamil) turned out to be a super hit and it is receiving a good applause from the common audience and celebrities.  The audience are sympathising with the Savitri's last days.  Recently, a senior Tamil actor Rajesh made some interesting comments on Savitri's life.

Rajesh was a close friend of Savitri's husband Gemini Ganesan and he spoke about various things regarding Savitri's life.  He said that Gemini Ganesan's behaviour and his life doesn't match Savtri.  He said that "Marrying Gemini Ganesan is the biggest mistake of Savitri's life.  She clearly knew that Gemini was already married but it is pathetic that the fell in love with him.  She should not have fallen in love with him and married to him".

He added that marrying Gemini Ganesan was irrevocable mistake Savitri committed in her life. He said that Gemini who habituated liquor to Savitri.  But it was Savitri's mistake that she got addicted to it.  Rajesh said that it is also another mistake Savitri did.