Comment:Story is the King..Story is Everything...

Mon Aug 21 2017 11:00:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

In our Country, Film has become the favourite Leisure activity in our past-time. People continuously talk about the celebrities, their lives and also talk about the movies that released last Friday. Well, keeping this crazy in mind more than 700-800 films release in India every year without fail. That's a big number worldwide as the biggest film Industry like Hollywood too won't produce more than 100 films per year but when it comes to Indian film Industry each notable regional language Industry release 200 films on an average per year. With so many films releasing, people tend to remember mostly 50 to 60 off them. And when it comes to them being box office hits, the number goes even low.

But if you carefully observe, there is a change in the pattern of how people are watching movies these days. Earlier, until few years back people used to go to theatres only when a big star movie releases and rest all movies used to be mostly homes for flies and rats. That is slowly changing these days. The major reason for that is the production values, sub-standard quality in scenes and also theatres maintenance. We are witnessing a change in that attitude with the emergence of Multiplexes. Even single screens to stay relevant are decorating themselves with better facilities and directors of the small and medium budget movies are also concentrating on story and scenes with decent production quality. Hence, the change is apparent.

Take the recent past, we have seen a surge in the number of films produced with the young and upcoming heroes and they are making movies in limited budget only. Sharwanand, Nani, Nikhil, Raj Tharun have emerged as stars in medium and small budget movies as they have believed more in story. If you see the hit films this year like Shatamanam Bhavathi, Fidaa, Ghazi, Keshava, these films do not have a crazy star cast and still they managed to pull decent openings and went to make big mark at the box office. If you take, Guru, even though it has a big star like Venkatesh, the movie worked because of story, rather than star image.

Don't get us wrong, still star status is the biggest pull but the story doesn't end there. Films like Khaidi No. 150, Duvvada Jagannadam had people talking about them and record openings because of the star pull. Khaidi No. 150 went on to become a big blockbuster, but for the movie more than story Megastar Chiranjeevi's return to Cinema after nine years hiatus worked in it's favour. On the other hand, the other big success story of this year, Fidaa, did not have any recognisable stars but the story and the characters in the movie have become so popular that the movie is seen as the latest example for people to follow.

The movies that just believed in star status like Katamarayudu had to bite the dust but they had some sort of concession with big openings. When you sit and analyse this trend in Telugu Cinema, Baahubali being a massive movie, did help Telugu Film Industry to bring people to the theatres with interesting trailers, teasers and more content based publicity than star based one. So, we see Anando Brahma getting some what positive feedback, as people started neglecting if the movie has recognisable stars or not, but if it has a story and it is engaging enough or not. This change in attitude is promising as young makers will now think more about content rather than trying to present stars on screen.

Well, it's no wrong to have a star-centric system but it is also necessary that story and content drive the Film and film watching public to theatres. We have been witnessing such a healthy market in Tamil and Malayalam, slowly but surely, even our Telugu market is going that way. With Digital revolution, even short movies made with Iphone camera are also being encouraged by Telugu audience. At the same time, if a film comes with highly sub-standard content like Nakshatram, even though it has a big director's name attached to it, people have rejected the film without a second thought. On the whole, we can say Telugu Cinema is also saying, Story is the King ... Story is Everything!