Seerat Kapoor is in High Demand!

Mon Jun 19 2017 17:25:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actors and Actresses try as hard as they can to find a good offer that can give them the necessary break. While several do have talent, they fail to find a good enough offer to accelerate their growth. Until recently, even Seerat Kapoor found herself in the same category.

The actress from Kenya, tried to establish herself as a dancer and choreographer joining the Shamak Dhavar group. But due to her arresting looks she found a chance to act as a lead in Run Raja Run besides Shrawanand. Even though the movie turned out to be a success, she did not find many opportunities. So, she decided to release a photo shoot pics, that resembled her hotness and slowly she found herself in the big movies.

Currently, she is busy shooting for Raju Gari Gadhi-2 with Akkineni Nagarjuna and she is also busy shooting for Touch Chesi Chudu with Ravi Teja. Vi Anand movie with Allu Sirish is also under her belt and now, she announced her movie with Ravikanth Parepu of Kshanam in which Kannada U-Turn girl, Shradda Srinath is also one of the leads.

Seerat Kapoor herself announced the news by sharing the photo that she is in the middle of the Bangalore Road for Ravikanth movie! Well, the actress seems to have found a way to increase her demand! Well done, Seerat!