Sekhar Kammula, how can you expect Pawan and Mahesh to do Fidaa?

Thu Aug 10 2017 16:27:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Well, that is not the question we are posing but many people who have seen his statements in recent interviews for various channels have been asking this question on social media quite often these days. The director, Sekhar Kammula, made a name for himself with the simple stories he directed, like Anand and Godavari. But his Happy Days made him the popular director that he is today and he always said that he wants to work with Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan.

When he mentioned their names many thought may be he has stories that cater to their image but when he revealed he met the actors with Fidaa story, then like many in social media we too are really lost for words. Such a senior director and a person who knows how the film industry really works over the years talking like that really surprised us.

There is no wrong in wanting to direct the stars or hoping that our story could get maximum reach when made with those huge stars but you do need a story that caters to their image. We are not in Hollywood or not even in Bollywood where heroes tend to not think always about fans while choosing a story but even there is a difference between what Robert Downey Jr. would do to what Zack Efron do. There is a difference between what  Salman Khan do to what Ranvir Singh would do. So expecting the big stars in such simple stories is a bit too much we thought.

Pawan and Mahesh have graduated for from their Yuvaraju and Tholi Prema days, so Sekhar Kammula should concentrate on writing a story that fits them today than that would have been a best fit for them some moons and eons ago. Many are suggesting this to Sekhar Kammula and hope the maker understands between ideal and real situations that he seems to depict very well in his movies.