Ki Ki Kiran.. I'll quit smoking & drinking !

Mon Mar 20 2017 13:07:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Cigarette Smoking and consumption of alcohol is injurious to health'.   Everybody knows this and we see the warning signs everywhere including the movies. But quitting this kind of unhealthier habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle is a difficult thing.  Not only for a common man like us but even Bollywood Badshah is not an exception. But Shah Rukh Khan recently revealed that he has decided to quit smoking and drinking.

While speaking at the India Today Conclave 2017, Shah Rukh revealed this interesting thing.  When he was asked if he is getting enough time to spend with his younger son AbRam who's four year old.. he answered that "Yes, that's an issue.  Same thought came into my mind last night. One way to look at it is to keep yourself healthy".

He said that he was 15 when he lost his parents and he missed them a lot.  He doesn't want his children to feel the same way as he did.  That is the reason why he want to spend the next 20-25 years being helthier and happier by giving up smoking, drinking and exercising more.

It's really a good decision from a King Khan..  Isn't it ? If we say this in the style of all time classic dialogue in 'Darr'.. it goes like this. 'ki ki Kiran.. I'll quit smoking & drinking'.