Another Movie? Only After 2.O Release!!

Tue Mar 13 2018 16:32:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The high budget action adventure film 2.O is coming out as the sequel of Robo. The pre-production works of the movie started 2 years ago but the film is yet to get released. As the Director Shankar wanted to be the graphics of the film ahead of Baahubali, he has been working hard on it. But despite so many efforts, it seems like 2.0 is going to slow down the process of Shankar and Kamal Hassan's combination film.

The buzz about 2.0 has been there for the past 2 years and no one knows when the film is going to get into the theatres. The makers have already changed the release date for 3 to 4 times and no one has any clarity about this film. Thought the shooting part was already completed, the graphics works are still pending. Shankar wants to make the visual effects of 2.O greater than Baahubali. For that, he teamed up with a company in Los Angeles and working. Unfortunately, after completing half of the work the company got shut down. So, Shankar opted another company for the graphic works. On the other hand, the producers are in a doubt whether the movie will get completed or not. A mobile company reportedly invested huge amounts on 2.O film.

After 2.O, Shankar was supposed to direct the sequel of 1996-released super hit film Bharateeyudu movie. As per the talk, he has given a vital role for Ajay Devgan in the movie and has already finalized the script. But the mobile company which has been investing into the 2.O has kept a condition that Shankar should only focus on this film and can't take up other projects meanwhile. However, the truth in these rumours is yet to be known.