Rajni And Shankar Could Have Done This Biopic

Tue Jun 12 2018 16:12:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Shankar, the director of big budget blockbuster bonanzas, decided to do away from those flashy elements and make a realistic film with none other than Rajnikanth.

But whenever they collaborated the movie budgets have increased and the third one in their combination, 2.0 is taking so much time to complete post production and the budget is more than 350 crores as per the Kollywood media sources.

Shankar is trying to get the movie perfect and hence, he is spending most of his time in USA, trying to get the VFX right as per his vision.

The movie has huge buzz and interest but with the delays, few people are getting impatient. But whenever the team decides to come up with a teaser, the interest will zoom back again.

The interesting thing is that, Shankar wanted to make another movie with Rajni and that could have been a biopic with less budget.

The story would have followed a person named, Traffic Ramaswamy, who is working tirelessly for traffic reforms in Tamil Nadu and all over India.

He is successful in getting Government attention and also, people praise him for his spirit.

 Shankar planned to do a film on him with Rajnikanth, but then when he heard SA Chandrasekhar, ace director and star hero, Vijay's father, decided to direct the movie and also act as Traffic Rama swamy, he dropped the idea.

Shankar said this all to a famous daily and wished SA Chandrasekhar a great film.