Exclusive:It Would Have Gone Wrong Too-Sharwanand

Thu Sep 28 2017 12:21:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sharwanand, the name has grown over 15 years in Telugu Cinema. The man who wears this name, did not try any shortcuts to achieve success rather struggled hard to earn the position he is in today. He started this year on a positive note with Shatamanam Bhavathi during Sankranthi and now, for Dussehra he is coming up with his third release for the year, Mahanubhavudu. The movie is directed by Maruthi Dasari and produced by UV Creations. Tupaki had a chance to catch up with him and here are the excerpts from our conversation.

Tupaki: From Thumbs Up ad to Mahanubhavudu, what changes do you feel Sharwa has undergone during this period?

Sharwanand: I am the same guy who had an uncontrollable passion towards movies from the time, I acted in the Thumps ad. Today, may be there is a growth in my stature, the producers and directors, whom I tried to convince to cast me in their movies might be queuing up for me. There are indications of my growth and there is growth. But none of them have fundamentally changed me as a person or they could effect in anyway my passion towards movies. There is no change at all in me or my passion!

T: It did take a long time for you to stand where you are today. Unlike others you haven't taken any shortcuts for success. Why did you choose this long journey?

Sharwanand: I believe that only permanent fixture in our lives is change. The time never stops and everything changes in front of your eyes even if you approve it or not. What comes fast will vanish with the same speed. It's okay, that I took so long to come to a position. And I think I will stay longer due to the time I took (laughs). Rather than killing time trying to find a shortcut, I did what everything that's interesting, came my way and improved my acting skills with time.

T: There is a lot of competition among the heroes in TFI. How do you plan to cope with it.

Sharwanand: I don't agree with the statement that there is any competition among the heroes. Here everybody has their own market and stamina. Not everyone can do the stories I am deemed to be fit and I can't do many that others do. There might have been a time where box office competition existed but in Today's age, we need to believe in co-existence and that will be the ultimate truth. The dynamics have changed and there is no absolute stardom these days, the audiences are preferring story over individuals and the films I did are the best examples for that. I have always been successful whenever I tried something new and I believe Mahanubhavudu will also strike a chord with audience.

T: Few have been saying there are similarities between Mahanubhavudu and Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy. Your comment on that.

Sharwanand: Well, people might be seeing some similarities as the same team who worked for Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy are working for our film too. Those who come to the theatres thinking Maruthi will use the same template as Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy became a success, will definitely be thrilled watching this movie. Remember this movie has OCD. (Laughs)

T: In real life too, you have an OCD it seems. Is it true?

Sharwanand: Who doesn't want to be clean? It's just like you and the others. I too want to be clean and I prefer being clean to being dirty anyday. I don't have an OCD though. When the common general sense cleanliness go overboard then it will be called OCD. And that's the fun part of our Mahanubhavudu.

T: Are you planning a second film as producer?

Sharwanand: I am quite busy with my commitments. As I finish one film, there is another one that is going on to the floors. And I start shooting for another film without much time to even detox from the earlier film. In such busy schedule, it is hard to concentrate on production, but I do have an inclination and plans to produce another movie. Soon, I will try to set a plan in motion in that direction.

T: Are you targeting star films?

Sharwanand: No, not really! I am realising my movies during festivals as the audience will be more willing to watch movies during the time. I have no grudges with anyone to target them. This is just a business decision. As my films released simultaneously, during the release of Chiranjeevi, Jr. NTR, Balakrishna, Nagarjuna and now, Mahesh movies people might be thinking so. But that's not the case. My films are not that big to compete with them. It is just a formula of peaceful co-existence in harmony as festivals can support multiple films. Luckily, Express Raja worked and then, Shatamanam Bhavathi also made good business. So, people might be saying these things but it would have been completely different had those films failed. I am glad they worked and hope our Mahanubhavudu will work too.

Thanking Sharwanand for this opportunity to discuss movies with him, we (Tupaki team), wish him and Team Mahanubhavudu, a great success for this movie and future endeavors too.