HE has gone completely Mad: Shivaji Raja

Sat Aug 12 2017 17:26:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Movie Artiste Association (MAA) has come down heavily on Ram Gopal Varma who found fault with the Film Body for apologizing to Telangana Government even before SIT disclosed names of Film Celebs who were either addicted to drugs or selling them.

In an interview given to a TV Channel, MAA President Shivaji Raja said: 'RGV has gone completely mad. He deserves treatment from not just one but two doctors'.

Earlier, Shivaji Raja slammed Varma for objectionable comments on Excise Officials who interrogated Film Celebs. He opined comments like 'Rajamouli should consider Akun Sabharwal for Baahubali 3' would do more harm to Film Industry. The Actor said RGV is out of his mind and there is no need to give importance to his comments.

RGV raised a good logic in the open letter he had written to MAA. Interestingly, MAA which is meant for the welfare of Film Personalities isn't defending the Actors & Technicians questioned by SIT. Whom should be blamed for this situation?