Around The Globe In A Few Hours Shriya?

Wed May 30 2018 13:02:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have to accept the fact that Tollywood beauty Shriya Saran doesn't have any offers in her hand.   When people say that the got faded out she receives continuous offers.  whether she has offers or not, she will not be idle.  She attends film events without a miss and she will definitely give her dance performance in all the events.  She is attending other brand promotional events and store launches as well.  

One will get a shock to see the speed of this senior beauty. It seems Shriya is on a world tour now.   She went to Spain recently and she posted her photos that she posed with her friends in bikini avatar.  She returned to India later and appeared in a Mobile phone launch event in Chennai. She appeared in a glamorous dress in the event by feasting her beauty.  She didn't stay there is Chennai for long.. she immediately left abroad again.  

She visited Paris first.  Without spending much time in Paris she has flown to New York.  Recently she gave an update by posting her photograph that she is in New York.  Where is Spain.. where is Chennai.. where is Paris.. where is New York?  She is crossing the boundaries of the nations within a few hours.   Nobody could understand why she is touring the world in jet speed?