Shruthi Haasan Makes A Bold Confession!

Sat Jan 20 2018 18:50:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Shruthi Haasan is one actress who never really shied away from sharing her views in media decided to talk about her marriage very boldly. She has been seen with her rumoured beau, Michael Corsale, London photographer, many times these days.

The news reports suggested that the actress and her beau are soon getting married as they are seen with her parents, Kamal Haasan and Sarika, on separate occasions.

Shruthi Haasan shared about her marriage and clarified the rumours. She said, " I am not getting married anytime soon. But I want to keep my relationship status private. As my parents have been celebrities, I could not have a private life and whatever happened in my life as been a news story. So, I want to guard my relationship status as private."

Well, with this clarification many of her fans will be happy that she would starting accepting film offers again.

Unfortunately, she has decided to not take up offers that are too routine and she will only decide to act once she finds a script that is far more interesting than what she did all these years. So, the wait of her fans to see her on screen, continues.