Is Shruthi Hinting At Marriage?

Wed Dec 06 2017 22:40:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Micheal Corsale and Shruthi Hassan have been making public appearances one after the other. The actress has been seen holding hands with British theatre actor at several occasions these days. At Mumbai Airport, she appeared with him holding hands and then the couple also met Sarika, mother of Shruthi Hassan.

Now, we can see them sitting in a traditional attire at a wedding function with Kamal Haasan. Interestingly, even Michael Corsale is wearing traditional wear at the function with Kamal. We don't know whether the actress us hunting at an impending nuptials or if they are secretly married already.

Shruthi Haasan anyhow stopped accepting offers and she even walked out of big commitment like Sanghamitra. She did not much reasons for these sudden changes in her career graph. She had announced that she is more interested in pursuing her music career going further. Well, things do indicate that the couple are seriously planning to stay together. Will they get married? Or will they live-in together? We can't say that as Shruthi Hassan is not necessarily vocal about her personal life. Let's wait and see.