Siddharth's Counter To Prabhas Fans

Mon Jul 16 2018 16:22:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

On Social media, trending has become a subject of war. Many fans of the popular actors are trying to prove their beloved stars popularity by trying to trend hashtags of their birthdays and movies.

Prabhas took this a step higher and started trending #100DaystoKingPrabhasBirthday.

Actor Siddharth, responded to this trend and countered it by the following tweet,


The countdown continues



He tried to sarcastically make a point that Trending needs to be done with god interest of the actor in mind but not to just win a competition.

But he is getting trolled for doing so and many are asking can he do same with Ajith or Vijay fans, the two reining stars of Tamil Cinema.

He replied that he knows Prabhas dearly and so, he make a joke on him. He did not support Ajith or Vijay fans trending so mindlessly too.