Simbu Is Threatening The Director

Wed Feb 21 2018 16:54:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kollywood hero Simbu has been facing some controversies these days. First, it is to sing a song after tuning it with abuses and later it is blaming producer Michael Rayappan for the flop of AAA movie. This Adhik Ravichandran directorial got marked as one of the biggest flops in Kollywood.

When all these disputes are finally getting low, an audio got leaked on the internet. The audio has the voices of both Simbu and Adhik Ravichandran. In the audio, Simbu seems to be confronting Adhik and why he has supported a producer like that. The more than 20 minutes audio file has the issue in both of their perspectives. According to Simbu's version, he was unnecessarily involved in this whole dispute and is being targetted intentionally.

In the entire conversation, Adhik tried to convince and calm down Simbu by explaining the situation. However, the audio file created a stir in Kollywood. But is it really their voices or just mimicked is yet to be known.