Singer Siva Nagulu Is Unhappy

Tue Apr 03 2018 13:17:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

When 'Rangasthalam' audio was released before the movie release, folk song 'Aa gattununtaava. ee gattukostaavaa' song has grabbed the attention of the music lovers.  Devi Sri Prasad's energetic tune perfectly suited folk singer Siva Nagulu's voice and it has become an instant chartbuster.  

When the movie released finally, everybody got a surprise because the singer changed.  Devi Sri Prasad's voice replaced Siva Nagulu's voice in the film. Many people criticised Devi and Sukumar for changing Siva Nagulu's voice.  When Sukumar came to know about the criticism, he gave a clarification that they have recorded the song with Devi Sri Prasad's voice first and then they have recorded the song with Siva Nagulu.  When they watched the final cut, they felt that Siva Nagulu's voice didn't suit Charan's body languages and went ahead with Devi's voice.

Siva Nagulu was unhappy for changing his voice.  During a TV channel interview, he said that he didn't know that 'Rangasthalam' team is changing his voice.  Siva Nagulu said that his friends watched 'Rangasthalam' on the first day and they told him during the interval time that his voice is replaced in the movie.  He felt that his friends might not have observed the song clearly and told them the same. But he understood the fact when he watched the movie in the afternoon.  He said that he felt sad for changing his voice.

Ever since Siva Nagulu revealed that he was not informed about changing the voice, netizens are criticising the team that they should have given him the prior intimation to the folk singer about the change in voice.