Jeevitha Sent Hostel Girls To Rajasekhar?

Sun Apr 15 2018 13:48:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Social Activist Sandhya made sensational allegations against Jeevitha & Rajasekhar while coming on the phone line during a News Channel debate on Casting Couch.

Sandhya: 'Jeevitha Rajasekhar claims she was treated like a goddess in the Telugu Film Industry. She went on to say Industry is a wonderful place to be in. When so many Actresses and Character Artists have been complaining about Casting Couch, Jeevitha projects as if nothing that sort is happening in the Industry. Jeevitha herself sent poor girls in Working Women's Hostel to her Husband. A Girl suffering from fever in Ameerpet Hostel received a phone call from Jeevitha. As she wasn't feeling well, Her Hostelmate attended the call. Then, Jeevitha used cuss words to question why she didn't come. She asked - If you don't come, Who should face the torture of My Husband? The Roommate wrote a letter to Andhrajyothi and the media house had even published it. Two Girls complained that Rajasekhar has sexually exploited them. How could Jeevitha make a statement saying there is no Casting Couch? These aren't cooked up stories but facts. Even a Girl working in Super Market was trapped by Jeevitha for her Husband. These two cases had come to our notice. The woman who worked for Jeevitha Rajasekhar narrated the torture she faced'.

Actress Madhavi Latha questioned how could Justice be done if the Film Personalities who harass women are in the CASH Committee formed by MAA. Sandhya made it clear people like Jeevitha shouldn't be part of such a panel.