Sonam Kapoor gets trolled again!

Mon Apr 24 2017 15:20:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Neerja' actress, Sonam Kapoor, has been the fashion diva of Bollywood and with her fashion sense, she got herself the name of big Fashionista of the glamour world. She never really cared for criticism and kept moving on her way with head held high. Yet times, this became a reason for her being mis-understood as well. But the actress just continued to day what she felt was necessary!

Well, recently she wrote an article about trolls and netizens who respond without understanding the situation and also stated that they try to read too much between the lines when they could have easily mind their own business. She talked about her observations rather straight forward and still ended up getting trolled once again.

This is nothing new for Sonam as many times she got trolled for her comments on other actresses fashion sense and also for speaking about herself above than others. The actress chose to ignore those trolls further and when people started commenting about her article saying she doesn't even about National Anthem and National Song, the actress just reciprocated by saying, 'thanks for misunderstanding me like always!' Well, she did get support from some corners saying that could have been her honest mistake!