Sonam Slams Art Of Living Guru As 'Irresponsible'

Wed Nov 15 2017 10:56:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Religious gurus and their comments are under scrutiny nowadays.  Celebrities and netizens are voicing their frank opinions on the comments made by the gurus like never before.   In a recent development, Art Of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar attended a programme in JNU, Delhi.  His comments on homosexuality during the interaction became a controversy.

A student asked Ravi Shankar that he is mistreated by his family & his friends for his homosexuality, and how to handle them.  Ravi Shankar answered him that homosexuality is a tendency and it is not a permanent thing and one can change it with some effort.  Naturally, his comment didn't go down well with liberal thinkers.

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter and slammed Ravi Shankar terming his comments are 'irresponsible'.  She tweeted that "WTF is wrong with god men, if you want to learn something about Hinduism and culture it's better to follow @HindolSengupta & @devduttmyth".. "Homosexuality is not a 'tendency' it's something you are born as and is absolutely NORMAL. To tell someone you can change is irresponsible."  

Another Bollywood star heroine Alia Bhatt pledged support to Sonam by retweeting Sonam's tweets.