A Film Gets Made After Many Rapes - Sri Reddy

Sun Apr 15 2018 14:07:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actress Sri Reddy, has been making controversial comments on Telugu Cinema Industry and the bigwigs of the Industry.

She brought to notice many secret affairs and sexual harassers to the fore front. Because of her, many are coming out to talk about their experiences too.

The actress has been gaining support from political parties, even JanaSena president, Pawan Kalyan announced his support to her.

Osmania University, Student JAC, also announced their support and recently, ASFI Student Union invited her to talk at the University meeting.

The actress said, "I am not interested in gaining any political mileage or even film opportunities with all this issue. I am fighting for a bigger cause.

"I want women to feel secure to work in Tollywood and casting couch should be eradicated. I will not sit silent and people should come forward to help us like you.

"MAA has many problems and they are unable to come up with right solution to help women. Hence, this fight is important and because of your support, they went back on my ban.

"In Today's Industry, a film is only made and completed after many rapes. This culture should die and we should work towards it. I am a loaded gun and I will release all the bullets one by one. If not today, after ten years, I will fire all the bullets," concluded the actress, emotionally.

Well, Sri Reddy has been threatening many that she has proofs against many bigwigs and with latest comments she is seeing that the issue won't be diluted anytime soon.