Names Will Be Out If Anything Happens To Me: Sri Reddy

Tue Apr 10 2018 16:21:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is known that actress Sri Reddy is claiming that she is fighting against the casting couch in Tollywood and demanding more offers for Telugu actresses.  She said that her fight will not stop until she achieves her goal.  Sri Reddy clarified that the will take her fight to the national level.

In a fresh development, Sri Reddy posted a sensational video on her Facebook page. She claimed that her life is under threat in her fight... she warned that the names of biggies will be revealed if anything happens to her.  She said that all the name she has with him will be revealed in a Telugu media channel.  She revealed that she started her fight only after she handed over all the proofs to the particular channel.   She thanked the national, international media for supporting her fight.  She also posted an article published on her in New York Times.  She said that the issue became a hot topic at national, international level but the CMs of both Telugu states and politicians didn't respond to the issue.   The video has already gone viral on the social media.

She also said that media has created a stage for her fight.. she said that it is not right to raise allegations on the media which is doing its duty.  She said that the channel has supported her fight as a media institution.. she questioned why some people are talking nonsense about her and news channel anchor?  She said that the people who are trying to link her with the news channel anchor don't have any morals.   She warned that if anyone tries to throw dirt on the fire, their hands will burn.. and said that the news anchor is dedicated his life to the profession and he is sincere.  The people who are immoral think that everybody is immoral.  So, she requested them to see without prejudice.

She also fired on the people who are criticising that she belongs to TDP, YSRCP.  She clarified that she doesn't have any relation with politics.. and she doesn't belong to any party.   She said that she worked for Sakshi TV for two and half years when she was struggling..  and said that she will never defame the channel which gave her bread and butter during her tough times. She said that hundreds of girls are suffering in the industry and she is fighting on behalf of them.