Sri Reddy Hits Back At Pawan Kalyan

Sun Apr 15 2018 12:06:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan suggested victims like Sri Reddy to file police complaints and approach courts for justice rather than visiting TV Studios.

Sri Reddy offered a logical counter to Jana Sena Chief. 'I admire Pawan Kalyan for his fighting spirit and his love for Telugus. He is someone who is fighting for Special Category Status and many other issues without approaching police or moving courts. If his fight for Special Status is correct, Even my way of fighting for justice is right. I have the right to fight for what I believe in whichever way I choose or like,' she maintained.

The Budding Actress told she didn't like the way Pawan Kalyan responded on the issue without even mentioning her name. 'Being a Fighter, Pawan Kalyan should have given some respect to an another Fighter though it's for a different cause,' she concludes.

Why Sri Reddy is so particular about PK uttering her name? Is she craving for publicity? What's wrong in the views expressed by Jana Sena Chief? How long will Sri Reddy pay visits to News Channels instead of dragging those film celebs who exploited her to the court? Hope, Better Sense Prevails!