Sri Reddy Lost Everything With One Wrong Move

Wed Apr 18 2018 16:37:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is a saying in Telugu, "Kadivedu pala lo okka vishapu chukka chalu, virigipothayi ( One poison drop can tear apart huge assembly)"

Similarly, Sri Reddy gained huge following all off a sudden with an interview as she talked about Casting couch.

She made strong allegations and got sympathy from various quarters of the film Industry and even women activists supported her like never before.

Her Facebook account got many followers and twitter account, Facebook page also got huge number of people talking about her and reacting to her simple updates. She gained 6 Million followers on Facebook and 22k followers on Twitter, in few days.

She made it into a huge movement and with one silly mistake of commenting on personal life of Pawan Kalyan and abusing his mother, she turned everyone against her.

Had she been well guided, she could have ended the casting couch. She got misguided with her own thoughts and now, she is feeling alone.

Now, people whom she will approach would be varied  about her intentions as even well mannered advise could be projected in a wrong way.