Sri Reddy's Sensational Post On Sex Racket

Sat Jun 23 2018 14:38:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sri Reddy told majority of the people hasn't believed her outcry when she fought against the Casting Couch and assumed it to be a publicity stunt. She appealed public to realize at least now why the movement was begun by her.

The Reddy Girl slammed Movie Artist Association for trying to apply make-up instead of offering solutions for the issues. She went on to say several Star Heroines & Struggling Actresses have been indulging in flesh trade for offers and luxurious life style.

Sri Reddy alleged Kishan Modugumudi will keep the profile pictures of Actresses who were available at a particular period as his WhatsApp DP. While sharing a picture of a Top Heroine wearing a jerkin and holding shopping bag, She wondered why Kishan placed it as his DP. A Picture of another Actress was shared by her saying it's the present India WhatsApp DP of Kishan. She dared to say D Grade Actresses are doing such cheap things for survival.