Mission Sundeep Kishan By Sri Reddy!

Mon Jul 16 2018 16:51:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sri Reddy name needs no introduction because she achieved wonderful popularity by raising serious allegations on several Tollywood celebrities.  Sri Reddy's episode lost its steam after Pawan Kalyan's strong reaction to her abusive remarks.  Sri Reddy is hitting the headlines again by taking the names of celebrities from Tamil and Telugu film industries.

She took the name of Sundeep Kishan now.  She posted on her Facebook page that "Such a fraud nd such a bad attitude guy..such a dirty guy on the earth..U bloody stinky di..k, he need every women as his di.. k lover..suffered wt this nasty person..thu ..he is non other than tamil hero sandeep kishanal#tamilleaks"

The most striking aspect of Sri Reddy allegations is that she used filthy language to talk about him. Though Sundeep Kishan name is linked to a heroine in the past, there were no serious allegations on him till now.  It is interesting to see how Sundeep is going to react to her allegations.