The Trend Is Trolling Not Records!

Fri Feb 23 2018 22:01:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Every star will have a huge fan following.  But it is unfair to expect all of them to be well behaved and decent.  There was a time fans used to show their affection with huge cutouts, big garlands, pouring milk on the cutouts etc.  Food donation, blood and eye donation camps slowly added to their list of activities later.   Along with the fans, the trend of anti-fans slowly increasing for the past several years.  Trolling culture became an inevitable part of social media thanks to the social media.

It took a generation to witness a change in the attitude of fans in the past.  But the fan culture is changing drastically for the last three-four years.  The change is so fast that trends are changing every year now.   If we talk about 2015, fans used to boast about their favourite star's box office records and awards.  The next year 2016 witnessed the trend of YouTube records.  Within a year, YouTube records became a common thing.

The situation changed in 2017 as the trend of Twitter polls caught up with the fans big time as anybody can start a poll.  Not just that, there was a different trend in trolling.  Everybody got surprised when fans of NTR and Mahesh trolled and argued with each other on the Tom Cruise Facebook page.  The weird behavior of Tollywood fans has grabbed the attention of the world.  

Coming to 2018, we are witnessing different trends.  First day first show response(Fans and anti-fans) and trolling hungama right from the premier shows on the social media is a trend now.  We may witness new types of trolling in the social media in the coming days.