Sukku Reveals The Other Side Of Charan

Sun Jul 16 2017 12:52:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sukumar usually makes interestings comments about his friends.. heroes.. technicians.  His speech in 'Darshakudu' audio launch is no different.  He has spoken about his 'Rangasthalam' hero Charan.. and 'Darshakudu' director Hari Prasad Jakka.

He said that "Before I started working with Ram Charan for 'Rangasthalam'.. I thought that he is the son of Megastar.. born with silver spoon and I was thinking how to deal him.  But he turned out to be a simple and down-to-earth guy.  He is so natural.  He is drinks coffee by mixing jaggery. When we went to shoot near Papikondalu.. we all got tuned well.  We all were using sun screens but he was using the paste of gram flour mixed with curd.   When we look him from far..we think that we use this perfume.. that paste.. what will Charan use ?  Surprisingly Charan uses neem stick to brush his teeth."

While speaking about Hari Prasad Sukku said that "Hari Prasad is my close friend.  When I was Mathematics lecturer in the college, he is used to teach Physics there.   He is very sharp.  He is like a Google to me.  I can say he is my hard disk. He used to tell me whatever I ask him.   When I entered film industry, he follwed me to the industry.  When I was struggling in my career, he stood by me and gave me moral support.  Not only providing story for '1 Nenokkadine' but he helped me for several stories.   He didn't work as an assistant director for any film.. but still he made 'Darsakudu' very well.  When he narrated the story, I asked him to direct the film.. and he directed it."