Sunil Comments About Tollywood Audience Mindset

Mon Apr 15 2019 14:56:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

After testing his luck as a hero in some movies, Sunil has finally become a comedian again. Sunil who sported six-pack when he was acting as a hero has changed his look after turning into a comedian again.

Responding to the same, Sunil made some satirical comments. "The Telugu audience want to see me in my old look. That's why I am I'm going back into that look again. Maybe the Tollywood audience doesn't want to see comedians with six-pack bodies like a bartender" said Sunil in a satirical way. He stated that based on the place the mindset of the people will also change and in Telugu, the actors who play hero father characters will have belly fat  but in Chinese movies even father characters will also have six packs and it is just an example proving that the mindset of Tollywood audience and other language audience is different. Sunil added that based on the land, the mindset of the people will change.

Sunil added that he is currently enjoying the success of 'Chitralahari' and claimed that the movie will become one of the pillars in his career.