Young heroes should learn from him!

Wed Sep 13 2017 15:27:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

When we talk about promotions somehow our Telugu heroes do not prefer to promote their films as actively as Hindi Superstars. They don't go to all the available avenues to complete the exclusives and general interviews. They just let one or two to come to them and answer what they are comfortable with and that's it.

Well, Sunil, the comedian turned hero has showed them a way how to not be too involved within themselves and also how to promote their films. He gave 15 interviews at a stretch in a day to compensate all the avenues that will promote his film and also, he won over the media fraternity by doing so.

He just showed how it is important to let everyone know his film is coming and he can be rest assured about an opening as the people who ever wants to watch his film will be turning to the theatres on the release day. His Ungarala Rambabu, directed by Kranthi Madhav is releasing on 15th of September. The movie is said to be a laugh riot with sensible content.