Sunny Leone's Gut Wrenching Message

Sun Apr 15 2018 13:45:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

In India, the race of rapists have been increasing ever since, the Nirbhaya law has been introduced in the country.

People have been trying to understand these people who don't have any regard for a life. Being a huge politician, one man allegedly raped an 8-year old girl and he is being saved by UP Government as there is no concrete evidence.

This has become a huge talking point and many women have come out in protest of the government, still they didn't care to even ask the minister to resign from his duities and help the investigation go fair.

Sunny Leone reacted to this situation in an unique way. She posted a photo of her daughter and said that she will protect her will all body and soul.

She tweeted, "I promise with every ounce of my heart,soul&body 2protect u from everything&everyone who is evil in this world.Even if that means giving my life for ur safety.children should feel safe against evil hurtful people.Let's hold our children a little closer to us!Protect at all costs!"

She posted a photo where she held her daughter close to heart, pouching her almost like a Kangaroo. Social media is taking this message viral and pledging the same as Sunny Leone.