Spyder Is Coming When Gudachari turned 51

Fri Aug 11 2017 14:57:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Super Star Krishna is one of the few Telugu legends who introduced several new things to Telugu cinema.  He is known for bringing new technology to the Telugu screen.  Not only that, he has introduced James Bond type of spy movies to Telugu.

'Gudachari 116' released on August 11, 1966.  The title appeared to be a parody to the urban audience who were familiar with the James Bond movies at that time.  But the audience who don't know about James Bond, were thrilled with Krishna film.  They were surprised to know how spies work for their country.  Krishna received huge appreciation from the audience as well as film industry at that time.  It has been 51 years now, his son Mahesh Babu is coming up with 'Spyder'.  While Krishna achieved star status with spy films, Mahesh Babu is doing spy film after he became a Super Star.

If Mahesh Would have done this film on the 50th year of 'Gudachari 116' release it would have been a great tribute.. but still, 'Spyder' is going to remind Super Star Krishna to the audience who watched Krishna's old films.