Reviews hardly matter: Suresh Babu

Tue Apr 18 2017 10:48:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film Personalities including Rajinikanth, Krishna Vamsi and Teja have been making appeals to Reviewers to delay their Reviews for 3 Days after the release (till First Monday). They believe Negative Reviews have been affecting the collections to a great extent as they have been influencing the general public.

However, Senior Producer D Suresh Babu opined it's need less to make a hue and cry over reviews. 'A bad movie can't become successful even if the review is good. Similarly, A good movie willn't fail even if the review is bad,' he made it clear.

The Producer further added, 'Look at the way small films like 'Pelli Choopulu' and 'Ghazi' got benefitted with positive reviews. Even if Reviews were stopped, Who is going to control the opinions on Social Media? A film will run based on it's merit and external factors hardly matter'.