When Suriya Drank Coffee At Road Side Tea Stalls ..

Thu Jan 11 2018 16:33:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

A film director will always have an unique approach to narrate his story. Even if it is a regular story, they come up with few elements that only they can add to the narrative and that makes it unique. Same thing is shared by Popular actor Suriya, about his director Vignesh Shivan, who made Gang with him.

The movie is a dubbed version of Thaana Serndha Koottam, also releasing for Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Gang is releasing for Sankranthi in Telugu states.

The actor interacted with media and he said," Special 26, is made with real incidents and hence, we thought we will take the premise and tell them in our own style. Vignesh Shivan took an approach that is completely different but still we used few scenes similar to the original as they cannot be changed or altered."

He continued, " I was asked by my director, when did you last drink tea at a roadside tea stall and I was taken back to my early days by that question. My father never let us go to school in cars nor did he give us extravagant bikes in college. i worked at harbour for Rs.726/- and I regard that as my first major salary ever. I used get Rs.10 as pocket money and used to look at my parents very eagerly to take that money."

He further said, " So, for this film when director asked me to go back to those days, I went around the city in the late night hours and observed how people behave at the tea stalls. I should say, Vignesh is multi-talented and he blew me away with his correct approach. I will announce a Telugu movie only when I have the script and director until then I won't promise that soon I will do it, like earlier!"

Keerthy Suresh, Senthil, Ramyakrishnan are playing important roles in the movie, Gang. It is releasing on 12th of January.