Tollywood Domination On Bollywood

Tue May 22 2018 15:49:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have been watching how Telugu cinema has grown in the last two-three years.  Telugu films have achieved national and international recognition.  Bollywood makers never used to care for our Telugu films but their perception has been changed towards Telugu films.  In fact, they feel threatened with the Telugu films.  'Baahubali' is the main reason for this change.

'Baahubali' achieved a historical success and registered huge collections across the nation.  It has thrown an huge challenge to the Bollywood films.  Not only at the national level but it has shown in power at the international level as well.  It is really surprising to see a regional Telugu film dominating a Hindi market.  A legend like Shekhar Kapur took potshots at the Bollywood makers to learn from the Telugu films to make strong content based films.  Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh often saying that Bollywood makers should change their approach.

Taran Adarsh is showing 'Baahubali' and other Telugu films as examples to the makers and saying that they should change. He has recently explained how Telugu films dominating the Bollywood films in international markets.  He said that Telugu films like 'Rangasthalam'.. 'Bharat Ane Nenu'.. 'Mahanati' movies minted $9 million in just 40 days span and this is a shining example how content-based films impress the audience.

He also said that Telugu films are dominating in Australia as well.. usually Bollywood films have strong market in Australia but Telugu films have dominated them.  He said that it is a wake up call for the Bollywood makers to because Telugu films are dominating Bollywood films in international markets and Hollywood films are dominating Hindi films in domestic markets.